Northern Communications wants everyone to experience NBN™ the way it is meant to be, super-fast, with unlimited data and great value

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a far-reaching government funded scheme set in motion by the Australian Federal Labor Government in 2009.

The project plans to bring super-fast broadband internet to 93% of all Australian households, with the remaining 7% receiving regular broadband speeds where before there were none.

The Coalition’s revised NBN will use a combination of fixed fibre optic and copper cable, fixed wireless broadband, and satellite transmissions to ensure even hard-to-reach and rural areas can be connected.

The roll-out of the NBN is happening now, and will continue until at least 2020. Home owners are being notified as their homes are connected, but if you’d like to know in advance when you’ll get NBN access :

NBN Rollout Map

*Actual speeds may be slower than specified nbn™ tiers due to a range of factors. **FTTN and FTTB speeds will be confirmed once active.