Cel-Fi – The Legal Repeater in Australia

Cel-Fi is the only consumer mobile phone repeater that has been widely approved by all mobile carriers in Australia. Currently approved for use on the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone mobile networks, Cel-Fi is a new type of mobile enhancement device called a Smart Repeater. There are other companies selling non-compliant consumer repeaters that appear to be from Australia, buying non Cel-Fi repeaters from them may result in large fines and loss of the equipment.

What is a Smart Repeater?
A Smart Repeater is a new type of mobile phone repeater that is designed to complement an existing mobile network and not interfere with its operation. It does this by monitoring the base station levels in real time, only repeating the signal of one particular carrier and having inbuilt protection to ensure it does not overload or interfere with network operation. Cel-Fi is currently the only Smart Repeater in existence.

Are Mobile Phone Repeaters Legal?
It is not illegal to import a repeater from overseas, but it is illegal to use a repeater if you do not have permission from the mobile carrier. The ACMA are currently actively tracking down all illegal repeaters in Australia and sending purchasers letters. It is only a matter of time before the owners of illegal repeaters are identified.

Are Mobile Phone Boosters Legal?
Mobile phone boosters are illegal to import and use in Australia, they are a banned product. Boosters differ from repeaters in that they connect to your mobile device via a cable, using a physical connection. Repeaters operate without wires and do not require this physical connection.

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